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Words a Word Finder for Games Like Words With Friends app for iPhone and iPad

4.7 ( 6647 ratings )
Reference Games Board Word
Developer: Hidden Elephant
0.99 USD
Current version: 1.10, last update: 11 months ago
First release : 26 Mar 2009
App size: 2.59 Mb

Wordsworth helps you quickly and easily find words for games like Words With Friends, Scrabble, and Bananagrams. Use it to learn new words, find valid words you may have missed, or to quickly settle Scrabble game disputes.

"This app is very useful when playing scrabble. Its quick, simple and to the point. I love it!"

"I love this app! Does exactly as advertised and it helped me get an awesome score on word challenge on facebook. Absolutely a must have app for word games."


-Choose between the ENABLE and SOWPODS for English games
-ODS5 word list for French games
-Zingarelli 2005 word list for Italian games
-Enter blanks by pressing the space bar
-Remembers last letters entered
-Standard lower case notation to display letters generated from blanks
-Easily replace entered letters by touching and holding on a letter to move the cursor
-Simple and elegant interface
-Large word display for easy reading
-View words sorted by Scrabble score, length, or alphabetically


Thanks for all of your wonderful feedback! Were hard at work implementing some of the most requested features. These will be available as free updates to current customers.

-Dictionary lookup
-User interface improvements
-Others yet to be determined from your requests

Pros and cons of Words a Word Finder for Games Like Words With Friends app for iPhone and iPad

Words a Word Finder for Games Like Words With Friends app good for

Its very good for ideas but I wish it had brief definitions like The Official Scrabble Players Dictionary (paper version) does. I agree.
LODS 6 entre en vigueur le 1er janvier 2012. Une mise à jour est prévue ? The french dictionary, new edition, will be avaliable coming soon ?
Very usefull, thanks for offering french word finder. One bug to be corrected: The points for each letter is different for different language, so total points for a word in french is wrong, because the app use the english point value for each letter.
Overall easy to use, would be nice if it cud sort words by the letter it ends with also. Missing a few words, but overall, nice to use.
I love this app but wish it would give meaning to the word selected. I still love this app, my mother the champ hates it when I use it.
Thanks it really helps me out with some words that I am stuck on ...

Some bad moments

half the words they give are not in the dictionary for the scrabble game
Used to be good but freezes/crashes. Too bad. Have to delete and download in order to use it. Download. Delete. Repeat.
I downloaded the app Words, A Word Finder for Games version 1.10 by Hidden Elephant onto my iPhone 5c and then again about a year later onto my iPhone 6s Plus in order to help me when I play Scrabble. At first this app seemed great, however I found that it frequently locks up, (frequently is an understatement!!). It especially locks up when you tilt the screen, which is very hard to avoid unless you lock the screen. But why would I do that? The app should work with the tilt screen feature not against it. To make matters worse, the only way to fix it is to completely delete the app and then download it again, closing the app doesnt help because it doesnt delete its prior data. Needless to say, this app gets VERY ANNOYING, VERY QUICKLY. After putting up with this for almost a year, I finally decided to write a review in hopes they it will help someone else steer clear of this annoyance of an app. FYI, I stuck with it so long because I thought there wasnt anything better (which is so wrong) and I thought they would fix the bug in an update (which they never did). Now I am trying Word Look Up Pro 4.1 and so far it works great! So please, DO NOT DOWNLOAD the app WORD, a WORD FINDER FOR GAMES, unless you want a life of frustration.
The app is good and works as excited expected. The bad review is because the thing hasnt been updated in YEARS. Dont spend the money unless they update it. --the end!
This app used to be great but the developer stopped updating it so it no longer works.
Always liked this app, but unusable with iOS 8. Hope it gets updated.

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