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Words words words

Its very good for ideas but I wish it had brief definitions like The Official Scrabble Players Dictionary (paper version) does. I agree.

Mise à jour ODS 6/Update french dictionary

LODS 6 entre en vigueur le 1er janvier 2012. Une mise à jour est prévue ? The french dictionary, new edition, will be avaliable coming soon ?

Words App

I actually like and use this app quite often


half the words they give are not in the dictionary for the scrabble game

Thanks for french word finder

Very usefull, thanks for offering french word finder. One bug to be corrected: The points for each letter is different for different language, so total points for a word in french is wrong, because the app use the english point value for each letter.

Worked great until recent update caused crash

This app was great until March 2010 update made it completely unusable- fix please!

Word play

Love this game alot and Im not even a scrabble game person

Not totally complete

There are various words that should be in this.


Overall easy to use, would be nice if it cud sort words by the letter it ends with also. Missing a few words, but overall, nice to use.

Great App!

It is simple and it works. What more would I want.

Great app for word puzzles

This app has helped win a a lot of Words Games!

Great app

I love this app but wish it would give meaning to the word selected. I still love this app, my mother the champ hates it when I use it.


Thanks it really helps me out with some words that I am stuck on ...


Very helpful app! Happy with it for sure!!


Perfect app for Scrabble

Good stuff

Great scrabble app!! Gives players another tool to play this super game!!


Great app. Use it all the time when playing scrabble with my wife. Basic functionality, but works well.


App has never let me down! Winning games all day long!!

Useful game help

Reliable help for games. Misses a star only because it could boot up faster.


This is a great app, but the fact that it freezes often (and wont unfreeze so you have to re-install it) is annoying. If you install this app be prepared to go on a vicious cycle of installing, uninstalling and reinstalling. I have not found an app that does what this app does better or equally so I deal with it.

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